Thermal Spa
2 Petőfi Square, Eger, 3300
36/510-558 Érsekkert entrance – whole year
36/510-557 Petőfi Square entrance – only during summer
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    Pebbled Curative Pool (with radon curative water) 32*24 m 1 m -> 2 m 22-26  opened  all year round
    Thermal pool félkör  1 m  32-34 opened in season
    Children’s Curative Pool 6*4 m   70 cm 29  opened all year round
    Adult Curative Pool 6*12 m  1,1 m  29  opened all year round
    Sitting Thermal Water Pool  25*14 m 80 cm  37  covered in part all year round
    Covered/Open Adventure Pool  külső 25*25 m 1,3 m  31  semi-open all year round
    Children Adventure Pool 21*40 m  30 cm -> 130 cm 30  opened in season
    Competition Pool 50*21 m  2,25 m  26 open/covered all year round
    Pool Slides 13 * 15 m 1,2 m 28-30 opened in season
    Babie’s Pool   30 cm -> 40 cm 30-32 opened in season
    Bath House I. (kénes termálvíz)   95 cm 32-34 covered all year round
    Bath House II. (kénes termálvíz)   95 cm 35-37 covered all year round
    Kneading Pool     all year round


    • Thermal pool: water temperature 37°C; sulphurous, 80-cm deep resting-sitting pool. The pool is covered in part, complete with adventure elements.
    • Massage-pool: the massage “service” is provided by 6 water outlets, placed at a height of two metres. The pool is also filled with thermal water.
    • Children’s water-castle: this pool, which was established for the youngest, was named after the toy castle placed in the water. The 30-130 cm deep water playground offers children several adventure elements (slides and other toys).
    • Children’s pool: another pool operating seasonally, filled with thermal water.
    • Pool number I or the Large Pool: the largest curative-water pool located in the Bath, fed with radon curative water by its own spring. Water temperature is 28°C, depth: 1 and 2.2 metres.
    • Curative Pool: the pool, which is fed by the spring of the Turkish Bath, is ideal for resting and recovery.
    • Semi-open, adult adventure-pool: equipped with 27 adventure elements (neck shower, water jets, massage fountains and showers), with 31°C water temperature.
      a slide system of altogether close to 200 metres of slides constituted by three kinds of slides, with a 200 m² water-surface pool
      baby pool with adventure elements
      a bath house accessible from the changing rooms through a closed corridor, with two pools of 100 m² water surface each and a resting gallery
    • In the Eger Thermal Bath, one can seek successful bath cures, among others, for articular disorders, spinal disorders, the diseases of the bones, muscles and tendons, the diseases of the nervous system, interstitial tissue and skin diseases, certain kinds of gynaecological diseases, disorders of the vegetative nervous system, and the treatment of exhaustion.
    Thermal Spa
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